Saturday, 29 August 2020

Crossword Centre Prize Puzzle September 2020

 Minor Variations by Phi

Eight clues contain a redundant word or words not necessary for solving.  These words define the eight otherwise unclued entries, which exhibit minor variations that enable them to fit in the spaces available and also accommodate answers to eight normal clues which seem not to fit.  Numbers in brackets give the number of cells available for the answer. 


1    Tempt translator into a show of diplomacy (7)
6    Vital link that is fine by church leader (5)
11    Radical lines penned by a lecturer (4)
12    Curious image in lamellae showing no initial shortage of blood (8)
14    Free love in Scotland - very affectionate erotic activity (not kiss) (5)
16    Figure runs from opening (4)
17    Strip Henry, going after muscle (4)
18    Exhaust possibly put after one vehicle (4)
20    Scots pinch sample without using spades (4)
21    Attract fish coming round away from the wind (7)
23    Indication to stop collecting rent was entertaining (7)
24    Hurries to depose first little deity (4)
25    Aged couple can, wife acting internally (4)
27    Sound of impending doom heard for high-ranking mistress ready to be hanged (4)
29    Handel opera composer’s expected to suppress? (5)
32    Competitors about to put away petition (8)
33    Religious period in holy city runs late (4)
34    Old axes and temper implying particular stress (7)


1    Lined up any old local twaddle dismissing a rule (4)
2    Ablutions a burden - I suffered internally (7)
3    Put sailor up for accommodating - say - marine gatherings (8)
4    A score falling short in the smallest degree (2,3)
5    Source of call sign identifying Queen (colloquially) (4)
7    Dislike expedition losing heart (4)
8    King occupying central point in court in Middle Ages (4)
9    Loose sodium compound involving oxygen cleared in chimney (7)
10    Small piece accepted by editor showed excessive passion (6)
13    Period of history in Libya revealing African defence system (6)
15    Feature of Solway Firth then spread around a couple of areas by fellow (6)
18    Lapwing experiencing most winds in duplicate rugged site (8)
19    Disorderly woman once accepted by congregation is no longer peevish (7)
21    Picked up sailors stuck in local millrace (6)
22    Statement in response: adopting Liberal, not Conservative (7)
26    Viruses in US city making you anxious (5)
28    Humourless approach to work in reactionary style (4)
29    Quantity of wood filling two channels, nothing less (5)
30    Historic mount beside unknown river (4)
31    Character observed in chatty Scottish gossip, perhaps (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format to before 8th October 2020. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.

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